Recovery from Online Backup Storage and Cloud Recovery

Backup recoveryI’ve been using online storage and remote storage for sometime (since 2002). Online storage of backups is both a viable and safe method of maintaining important documents, files, programs, and materials. Data recovery can be an essential aspect of your daily life, or work environment. There are many methods of doing this, one of which is through Spider Oak provides private online storage and device syncing. Some of the great things about using online storage is the ability to access your files from anywhere and from many devices, including tablets, iPhones, Android phones, etc. By storing your most important files online if you suffer a fatal crash on your computer, or your computer is stolen, you still have access to those files. (more…)

Top 3 Free Quality Backup Services on the Web

Top 3 free backup servicesA smart and easy way to simplify your life online is to use a free application for all your storage needs. You will have access to the same files that are taking up all of the space on your hard disk drive, 24 hours a day. Computers do not behave sufficiently when the space on the drive is all used up. The share files will remain 100% fully functional for you through one of these high-quality backup services. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to file sharing. If you have ever lost everything on your computer due to your hard drive crashing then, you know where I am going with this! You will dramatically increase your computer’s overall performance. Who would not want that? Music takes up a lot of space. There is new technology that has been made so that it is no longer a problem. 4Shared is a service that offers free online storage for you to upload music, access and share your files. Simple to use, all you need is an email address and password. Works for both Windows and Mac. You can even use it on your mobile phone. (more…)

Mozy Introduces New Feature “Stash”

Mozy Stash with file synchronization

Mozy has announced that their new feature, known as Mozy Stash, is open to the public as a beta test. It is available to all MozyHome and MozyPro subscribers with a bundled storage plan. Stash is a file synchronization feature that promises to be a simple way to sync files between all devices associated with your Mozy account, including, but not limited to, your PC, iPhone, iPad. (more…)

CrashPlan (Code 42) Raises $52.5 Million to Continue Growth

One of the most challenging things about technology is its ability to take care of important daily tasks yet break down easily at unexpected and inconvenient times. People rely on computers daily to work and to play but when computer storage isn’t reliable enough to handle daily problems and issues, many people choose to turn to outside sources. Storage is a very big concern when buying or owning a computer and when it isn’t enough to handle data or when one expects their computer to quit, choosing online storage may be a very viable option.

Code 42 Expanding Its Business

Code 42 recently completed a campaign to raise 52.5 million dollars. Its aim is to increase company growth while expanding into the business and tech markets. Many people find that this company is extremely beneficial and efficient at what it does. As technology sees an increase, there is an unfortunate byproduct that many people are not fond of. Malfunctions often happen as a result of prolonged use of computers and when this happens many people turn to outside resources. With its recently funded programs, services and mobile apps, Code 42 aims to provide a vital service to those who find that they have valuable data that needs to be backed up and protected. (more…)

Save Money on Data Storage: Use Coupons for your Backup Service Provider

Costs of data storage

People who rely on their computers to store data and files that they need occasionally should consider cloud storage. Not only is it safe and secure, it’s also an efficient way to continually backup and access without having to search for physical data storage devices. Whether they’re on the road or at the office, being able to retrieve important files quickly is a time saver and in most cases, a cost-efficient way to store data. (more…)

File Sharing: Increase Productivity and Data Security

It’s a fact, file sharing increases productivity. The process allows employees to easily share files between each other without having to email them around. Anyone who possesses a basic understanding of computers knows that installing a network lets makes it easier for a user outside of the network to access the data on the computers. If a local area network is connected to the Internet, which most modern computer networks are, anyone with the necessary knowledge and Internet connection can access the files. The process of setting up file sharing exposes each computer on the network to new risks. (more…)

How to Keep Your Company Data Safe in 2012

With all the massive amounts of data businesses store containing personal information the need for online backup storage is huge. Storing that much data on your own computer is just not feasible for even small businesses. Online data storage is the wave of the future. Everyone, even individuals, will resort to the cloud for mass storage, especially for backup needs.

Data security tips for 2012


Why Cloud Storage is the Future

Secure cloud storage and cloud storage concernsCloud storage is quickly becoming the way to go for mass storage. This is true for individuals storing music and pictures, and it is also true for businesses storing massive amounts of data. Most people are becoming quite familiar with the cloud, thanks to many sites offering cloud storage to customers. Essentially the cloud is a vast amount of storage that is not in your computer. It is located at the company with which you choose to store your data. You can then access your data through an internet connection. (more…)

Available Online Backup Services for Mac

Data loss on Mac computerIf you are looking for ways to backup information from your Mac computer, you need to consider using online storage options. With back up hard drives you run the risk of the hard drives failing due to inactivity, which is common for back up units. On top of this, if the hard drives are dropped or are exposed to any sort of water element, you might lose your backed up files forever. This is why using an online option might just be best for you. By saving the information online, you can later access the data on any other computer and even download the content. You are never going to lose the data this way, and it ensures that you don’t need to worry, should your Mac computer ever crash. (more…)

Five Advantages of Using Online Backups

File backups advantagesBacking up files and data is not only important, it is absolutely necessary for data security. It is not a question of will one lose it, but when. For instance, files will be lost when a hard drives crashes, data becomes corrupted, is accidentally deleted, or when attacked by viruses and malware. Although, there is a possibility to recover files and data, it is better to back up the data beforehand.

Today, online backups have become a trendy and popular way to store data through cloud computing. An online backup service will provide users with a remote system for backing and storing of files and data. Arguably, the advantages for online backups and storage make it a top choice of serious computer users. Here are five benefits of online backups: (more…)