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Potential Malware, Virus Threats for Your Company’s Data

Theft of dataIf you are aware of possible threats to your company’s data you can take action and try to prevent them with the use of anti-virus software programs or firewalls to protect valuable information from being stolen. Protection from viruses prevents hackers from stealing usernames, passwords and financial information. It is best not to open emails that may possibly be malicious. Data leaks are also becoming more and more common. Taking steps to prevent this from happening costs less than trying to retrieve the information that is stolen. (more…)

Cloud Storage Comparison: Dropbox vs Google Drive vs SugarSync

Recently, the cloud storage market has absolutely exploded, with more and more cloud storage solutions coming online everyday. With the latest competitor, Google Drive, coming online, the competition is heating up, and many consumers are asking which of the major competitors is best. Today, we’ll look at the three biggest cloud storage providers: Dropbox, Google Drive, and SugarSync, and look at the pros and cols of each different solution. (more…)

Don’t Like Paper? Turn Paperless With 4 Simple Tools

Get a paperless officeManaging a home or business is not a simple task, especially when stacks of important papers are lying around. Storing, filing and backup files online is becoming more prevalent because it is affordable, easy and convenient. There are different paperless tools that people can use to become more organized and productive.

Copying Files With an Online Backup Solution

Many people decide to backup files online because they cannot afford to keep stacks of confidential documents lying around a home or office. Today’s professionals know how important it is to safeguard data, financial details and administrative materials. Also, storing computer information is not as risky as storing physical files. Items stored online will never be touched by fires, floods or other disasters. (more…)

CNET’s Favorite Online Backup Services

CNET logoBacking up data online is one of those things that may not seem all that important until it is actually needed. There are few things more terrifying for a computer user than suddenly losing all their data, either due to loss of a computer or due to a malfunction. The more important the data, the more important it is to have copies of it secure in the event of an emergency. Having important files backed up online is also a great convenience when upgrading a computer as it eliminates the chore of transferring files manually using thumb drives or other storage media. The user will simply connect their new computer to the backup service and download their data. So which service do the online backup reviews say is best? The services below come highly recommended by one of the oldest and most respected authorities on technology, CNET. (more…)

The Good and Bad of Automatic Syncing

Automatic syncing with an online backup, file sharing serviceTo enable, or not to enable, that is the question. The world of automatic syncing has a lot of good and bad aspects. In a best-case scenario, auto sync can wind up saving weeks of work on a lost file. In a worst-case scenario, you might find that you relied on the service only to discover that other factors destroyed files. Which of these, good or bad, will win out in the end? There are a number of different factors that should influence your decision to use file synchronization or not. (more…)

KineticD Bringing Cloud Storage to Windows 8 With KineticCloud

Windows 8 logoAs anyone who is serious about data protection knows, the data on a computer system is of far more worth than the underlying hardware itself. However, having a viable backup solution isn’t the only consideration that can affect your data protection strategy. Something as simple as an OS upgrade can leave your system vulnerable because the software you are using may not be compatible.

Everyone knows how reliable the marketing literature on “backwards compatibility” is. That is what gives KineticD with their cloud storage solution “KineticCloud” a tactical advantage to both new and existing clients: Windows 8 compatibility. Their product offering is now genuinely certified for the latest release of Windows 8 and thus far there aren’t any other players who can make that claim. Will other products work on Windows 8 by relying on the new OS’ backwards compatibility for applications? Maybe. That answer is okay for some things, but for the application that you entrust your data to it needs to be absolute. (more…)

Be 100% Safe and Sound: Combine Online Backup with Local Backups

External hard drive for backups“Do I really need two different backups?” Many consumers ask this question. Businesses typically do not ask this question because they already know the answer. Many of these businesses (especially smaller ones) might have learned the answer to this question the hard way! Many consumers already understand how important local back up is. In today’s world a family’s entire life is stored digitally. This means photographs and videos of the family’s most precious memories are stored as digital files. Even mom and dad’s finance sheets are stored as excel sheets or maybe some other type of digital file.

Losing this stuff could mean a great deal of heartache, and headache, for the family that might have to face such a data loss incident. This is why practicing local backup on devices such as the external hard drive has become a commonplace ritual within many households. This might be the reason that USB stick and writable DVD’s sales have gone through the roof. But the question often comes up regarding whether these hard drives are enough alone. What if they go out? What if these DVD’s break? This is where the second form of backup comes into play. Online backup is reliable. It is actually more reliable than some consumers might first think. (more…)

Don’t Forget About Upload Speeds

Speed test of an online backupIf you’ve used an online backup service yourself before, the reason you probably started to look for an alternative to that service was the upload times of your files into the online backup system. Speeds can vary based on the service provider and the type of account held with them. Typically free services are under the strain of the collective user base accessing their accounts at any one time. Slower speeds when backing up will essentially mean that there is a problem on either end. (more…)

How To Recover Data From a Failed Backup

Recovering your data from the cloud

If you’re reading this on your own computer, I would certainly hope that you’re backing up on a regular basis. Enough has been said about the dangers of critical data loss, so today’s article won’t be preaching or lecturing about this. However, even regular backups can go wrong. Human error and mechanical failure are two of the leading causes of data backup corruption. This is understandable since everyone makes mistakes, and every physical device can break or wear out over time. (more…)

Backing Up Your iPhone and iPad with IDrive’s Mobile App

Backing up an iPhone in the cloudMany online backup solutions offer a mobile app as a sort of periphery feature, some sort of add-on to the rest of their service that barely works, and when it does work; it rarely works well. With the huge shift in both the personal and business spaces towards mobile devices, particularly the iPhone and iPad, this backhanded dismissal is absolutely absurd, and many people have begun looking for a more dedicated solution to backup their phones and tablets. In today’s business world, losing your mobile device can be absolutely devastating, as the amount of work we store on our mobile devices is beginning to exceed the amount of data that we store on our actual computers, but without a good backup solution, those files still remain at risk of disappearing and setting your work back days, weeks, or even months. (more…)

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