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The Top 3 Fastest Online Backup Services

Fast online backup services

When it comes to online backup services, you shouldn’t have to choose. The service you choose should boot, upload and download as fast as possible, it should be easily accessible, secure and of course convenient. Upload and especially download times shouldn’t stall productivity. Here’s three of the top backup services available, ready to maximize your time and process.


SugarSync logoSugarSync is regarded as the best customizable file synchronization service. With impressive multimedia functionality, it doesn’t just perform efficient online backups. It syncs your data across multiple computers and internet enabled personal devices quickly. Once your files, music or photos are backed up with SugarSync, access them on any computer or device instantly. While most online backup services force customers to place data in a single folder, SugarSync allows the user to back up to folders of your choice. No longer retrieve files and then organize them. Saved changes to your files will also be saved across your devices. (more…)

Always Have All Your Files With You

Working from a coffee shop thanks to the cloud

It is important to backup your computer files, as you never know what might happen to your computer system. Your computer can come under attack from viruses and hackers, the hard drive can fail on you, the computer can fall off of a desk or drop off a truck when you are moving it. No matter what happens to your computer or the files, if you don’t have a backup somewhere, you risk never having the files again. Of course, there are different ways to go about backing up the files, although many of these options revolve around putting the files onto an external hard drive. (more…)

Exchanging Files Between Computers with an Online Backup

Exchanging files through the cloudThinking of exchanging files between computers with an online backup service? There are definitely some tips to keep in mind when exchanging files between computers with an online backup service. In this article, I will give you some tips on how you should properly go about this process so that you don’t have to be sorry later.

Exchanging files between computers can be somewhat tricky to someone who has never done it before, which is why it is so critical that you completely understand the instructions for whichever online backup service you decide to use. So before you even begin to think of which files you want to transfer between your computers, make sure that you understand the instructions. With that said, let’s get into the down and dirty of exchanging files between computers with an online backup service. (more…)

How Much Safer are Paid Online Backup Services?

Data stored in the cloudIt is always important to backup all of your important files from any computer system. You never know what might happen to the computer or cause it to not properly function. Any number of issues can arise with the equipment, starting with just old age of the computer, damage to the computer, a virus, dust or other unforeseeable issues.

No matter what the problem is, if the files have been backed up, you still are able to access the information. Of course, there are different methods of backup available to you. Typically, an external device, such as a hard drive, Zip drive, tape drive or other such format was used to back up files, but these can fall under the same problems as the hard drive built into a computer, which requires you to have multiple backups of the files. Due to this, you need to consider an alternative option, such as paid online backup services. (more…)

Archiving Your Emails in the Cloud with Dropmyemail

Backing up emails in the cloud

Securely archiving your email can save you a lot of aggravation down the road. Email archiving can solve quite a few dilemmas that could have been prevented if the information had been saved. Using can go a long way to providing security for email cloud storage. What makes superior to alternate services such as Several aspects can be seen readily available that can answer that question. (more…)

CNET’s Favorite Online Backup Services

CNET logoBacking up data online is one of those things that may not seem all that important until it is actually needed. There are few things more terrifying for a computer user than suddenly losing all their data, either due to loss of a computer or due to a malfunction. The more important the data, the more important it is to have copies of it secure in the event of an emergency. Having important files backed up online is also a great convenience when upgrading a computer as it eliminates the chore of transferring files manually using thumb drives or other storage media. The user will simply connect their new computer to the backup service and download their data. So which service do the online backup reviews say is best? The services below come highly recommended by one of the oldest and most respected authorities on technology, CNET. (more…)

KineticD Bringing Cloud Storage to Windows 8 With KineticCloud

Windows 8 logoAs anyone who is serious about data protection knows, the data on a computer system is of far more worth than the underlying hardware itself. However, having a viable backup solution isn’t the only consideration that can affect your data protection strategy. Something as simple as an OS upgrade can leave your system vulnerable because the software you are using may not be compatible.

Everyone knows how reliable the marketing literature on “backwards compatibility” is. That is what gives KineticD with their cloud storage solution “KineticCloud” a tactical advantage to both new and existing clients: Windows 8 compatibility. Their product offering is now genuinely certified for the latest release of Windows 8 and thus far there aren’t any other players who can make that claim. Will other products work on Windows 8 by relying on the new OS’ backwards compatibility for applications? Maybe. That answer is okay for some things, but for the application that you entrust your data to it needs to be absolute. (more…)

Be 100% Safe and Sound: Combine Online Backup with Local Backups

External hard drive for backups“Do I really need two different backups?” Many consumers ask this question. Businesses typically do not ask this question because they already know the answer. Many of these businesses (especially smaller ones) might have learned the answer to this question the hard way! Many consumers already understand how important local back up is. In today’s world a family’s entire life is stored digitally. This means photographs and videos of the family’s most precious memories are stored as digital files. Even mom and dad’s finance sheets are stored as excel sheets or maybe some other type of digital file.

Losing this stuff could mean a great deal of heartache, and headache, for the family that might have to face such a data loss incident. This is why practicing local backup on devices such as the external hard drive has become a commonplace ritual within many households. This might be the reason that USB stick and writable DVD’s sales have gone through the roof. But the question often comes up regarding whether these hard drives are enough alone. What if they go out? What if these DVD’s break? This is where the second form of backup comes into play. Online backup is reliable. It is actually more reliable than some consumers might first think. (more…)

Don’t Forget About Upload Speeds

Speed test of an online backupIf you’ve used an online backup service yourself before, the reason you probably started to look for an alternative to that service was the upload times of your files into the online backup system. Speeds can vary based on the service provider and the type of account held with them. Typically free services are under the strain of the collective user base accessing their accounts at any one time. Slower speeds when backing up will essentially mean that there is a problem on either end. (more…)

Dropbox and ZipCloud: Two Affordable Backup Solutions for Students

Student working at her computerIn the business world, most employees have no need to worry about the cost of whatever solution that their company uses for online backups. However, not everyone who wants to use cloud storage solutions uses it for business. There are many different uses for online storage solutions like Dropbox and Zipcloud, and one of the most popular uses beyond business is for students. The idea of being able to work on papers and projects from anywhere and any computer by simply logging into the cloud is very appealing to students, but they also have a problem that the businessman does not. Most students live on an extremely limited budget, and will likely be looking for free cloud storage. (more…)

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