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Don’t Like Paper? Turn Paperless With 4 Simple Tools

Get a paperless officeManaging a home or business is not a simple task, especially when stacks of important papers are lying around. Storing, filing and backup files online is becoming more prevalent because it is affordable, easy and convenient. There are different paperless tools that people can use to become more organized and productive.

Copying Files With an Online Backup Solution

Many people decide to backup files online because they cannot afford to keep stacks of confidential documents lying around a home or office. Today’s professionals know how important it is to safeguard data, financial details and administrative materials. Also, storing computer information is not as risky as storing physical files. Items stored online will never be touched by fires, floods or other disasters. (more…)

Integrating Cloud Storage on Multiple Devices

Cloud devices cross-platform

Many of the concerns we hear from people who consider moving their data and business into the cloud, is that they don’t think it will work since they’re using multiple different devices with different operating systems. “I’m using a Mac, my smartphone is running Android and my secretary is using a Windows 7 PC. How will I manage to integrate everything?” Is a situation that may be recognizable to many, except for a different combination of devices then. Ian Leighfield from JustCloud, an online storage provider specialised in cloud computing, will take away any concerns you may have on this subject in this article. (more…)

Jovan Washington on Implenting Cloud Computing in Businesses

Jovan Washington from SpiderOakEvery now and then, we like to invite someone who works in the online backup industry to write a guest article here on our blog. Today we have the honor to have Jovan Washington, web communications coordinator at SpiderOak, on our blog as a guest author. He wrote a nice piece on how to implement cloud computing in your business, and what the future holds for cloud computing in general. If you’re looking into moving your company’s data to the cloud, then Jovan’s article will definitely be able to give you some good tips. (more…)

Egnyte Going After Box Business Customers with “Box Buster Buyout”

Egnyte's Box Buyout Program

Egnyte, the top source of Cloud as well as hybrid cloud file sharing solutions for corporate houses, recently declared the “Box Buster Buyout program”. The Box Buster Program lets users to switch to a corresponding package at Egnyte without any charge for the entire period of 2012, i.e. a free resettlement towards the better side. There are many scenarios where Egnyte outperforms Box.

If you are not concerned with who sees what files and who has access to which folders, if you are concerned with just getting the work done faster without having a secure system, you can be contented with Box as all the security features are provided by Egnyte only. (more…)

Happy World Backup Day!

World Backup DayYep, it may sound odd but there really is something called “World Backup Day“, and March 31st happens to be that day of the year that backup nerds like ourselves celebrate by… taking backups of our data. If you’re not taking any backups yet, then today is the perfect day for you to finally get into the routine of taking backups every now and then. An even better idea could be to pick one of the online backup services listed on our site and get your backups done automatically so you don’t have to worry about anything. There’s a bunch of companies running a cool World Backup Day deal, Backblaze is just one of them.

You can head over to the official World Backup Day website for more info and cool stuff including contests and interesting tips on backups. A fun little fact: World Backup Day was created thanks to a reddit hit from a few hardcore backup’ers wanting to raise awareness about the importance of taking backups on a regular bass.

Mozy Introduces New Feature “Stash”

Mozy Stash with file synchronization

Mozy has announced that their new feature, known as Mozy Stash, is open to the public as a beta test. It is available to all MozyHome and MozyPro subscribers with a bundled storage plan. Stash is a file synchronization feature that promises to be a simple way to sync files between all devices associated with your Mozy account, including, but not limited to, your PC, iPhone, iPad. (more…)

CrashPlan (Code 42) Raises $52.5 Million to Continue Growth

One of the most challenging things about technology is its ability to take care of important daily tasks yet break down easily at unexpected and inconvenient times. People rely on computers daily to work and to play but when computer storage isn’t reliable enough to handle daily problems and issues, many people choose to turn to outside sources. Storage is a very big concern when buying or owning a computer and when it isn’t enough to handle data or when one expects their computer to quit, choosing online storage may be a very viable option.

Code 42 Expanding Its Business

Code 42 recently completed a campaign to raise 52.5 million dollars. Its aim is to increase company growth while expanding into the business and tech markets. Many people find that this company is extremely beneficial and efficient at what it does. As technology sees an increase, there is an unfortunate byproduct that many people are not fond of. Malfunctions often happen as a result of prolonged use of computers and when this happens many people turn to outside resources. With its recently funded programs, services and mobile apps, Code 42 aims to provide a vital service to those who find that they have valuable data that needs to be backed up and protected. (more…)