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Always Have All Your Files With You

Working from a coffee shop thanks to the cloud

It is important to backup your computer files, as you never know what might happen to your computer system. Your computer can come under attack from viruses and hackers, the hard drive can fail on you, the computer can fall off of a desk or drop off a truck when you are moving it. No matter what happens to your computer or the files, if you don’t have a backup somewhere, you risk never having the files again. Of course, there are different ways to go about backing up the files, although many of these options revolve around putting the files onto an external hard drive. (more…)

Cloud Computing, The Traveling Business Man’s Best Friend

Businessman working on his laptopCloud storage has made saving and retrieving your documents and data easier than ever. With it, you can store files of all kinds on an online storage database system managed and maintained by a third party. It’s like a digital version of a unit of a storage warehouse. Heck, several units. With cloud storage, you can put any file you want in the database ranging from documents to pictures to videos to music in a convenient location. With it, you don’t need to buy and keep up with USB flash drives or CDs. All you need is your account password and you can store and retrieve you data at anytime. It’s especially useful for netbook users, who can manage, check and edit files on the go. (more…)

Moving Documents in the Cloud with SurDoc

Document management in the cloudKeeping important documents in a place where they can enjoy greater protection will give you the chance to enjoy more versatile access to them. Document management software that is able to make full use of cloud storage ensures that you have the chance to access their documents with greater ease and convenience, no longer suffering from the limitations imposed when having to access documents with the terminal where they are hosted ensures that you can find and access your information from any place you happen to be. (more…)

Backing up iPhoto Pictures in the Cloud with SugarSync

A photo gallery on SugarSyncStoring your iPhoto pictures on your local computer can give you the sense of control. However, if something was to happen to your computer, the files could be lost or destroyed. Using an online photo backup service could save you the heartache of losing decades worth of memories. SugarSync can give you the comfort of knowing that your files are secured and stored in the cloud ready for your retrieval. (more…)

Risks of Cross-Device Syncing and Automatic Backups

Syncing files in the cloud, cross-deviceAs the lines between the home and the office become more and more blurred, individuals and companies are seeing the benefits of having cross-device syncing and automatic backups as mainstays of the business environment. After all, cross device syncing lets a user begin work on an office desktop system, cross sync it to an offsite service, such as Mozy or Dropbox, and access it from the home computer or tablet. The entire process is simple, painless, and is virtually foolproof.

Compatibility Risks

However, there are some risks with cross-device synchronization. For one thing, it is important to ensure that the devices that are being synchronized are using a compatible file format. While this might seem obvious, many software manufacturers will create a proprietary platform, depending on the device. This means that an iPad app might have a file that is not compatible with a Mac desktop application. Therefore, before relying upon file synchronization and automatic online backups, it’s a good idea to make sure that every device works with the stored files. (more…)

File Sharing From an Online Backup: Safe or Not?

Safe file sharingCloud storage is an increasingly viable option for individual users and businesses alike. Physical storage not only requires space for the equipment used, the purchase cost of equipment and maintenance fees are sometimes higher than one’s budget allows. Additionally, even with maintenance, there’s always the risk of a physical storage device failing, causing the loss of important personal documents and files or vital business data.

Cloud storage eliminates the risks and added costs associated with physical storage. It also offers the opportunity for streamlined file sharing between coworkers, clients, friends or family members. (more…)

The Good and Bad of Automatic Syncing

Automatic syncing with an online backup, file sharing serviceTo enable, or not to enable, that is the question. The world of automatic syncing has a lot of good and bad aspects. In a best-case scenario, auto sync can wind up saving weeks of work on a lost file. In a worst-case scenario, you might find that you relied on the service only to discover that other factors destroyed files. Which of these, good or bad, will win out in the end? There are a number of different factors that should influence your decision to use file synchronization or not. (more…)

3 Of the Best Online Photo Backup Solutions

Online photo backup solutionsIt is always a great disadvantage to have online issues and lose the photos you have stored in your hard drives or online sites. The cost of losing them can mean financial drain, especially if you used expensive gadgets to take pictures of them, flew in other locations to take nice shots of them and paid for talents to get them perfected. It can also mean lost opportunities especially if you took the shots for important, paying clients. It can also mean lost memories, especially if they have been taken during special occasions.

This is the reason why many people, both consumers and business entities, are looking for online photo backup solutions to make sure not a single one is lost anytime and for any reason. Having a backup online simply means you can always recover your online albums should something happen to the sites where you posted them or to the hard drives where you saved them. (more…)

Integrating Cloud Storage on Multiple Devices

Cloud devices cross-platform

Many of the concerns we hear from people who consider moving their data and business into the cloud, is that they don’t think it will work since they’re using multiple different devices with different operating systems. “I’m using a Mac, my smartphone is running Android and my secretary is using a Windows 7 PC. How will I manage to integrate everything?” Is a situation that may be recognizable to many, except for a different combination of devices then. Ian Leighfield from JustCloud, an online storage provider specialised in cloud computing, will take away any concerns you may have on this subject in this article. (more…)

Egnyte Going After Box Business Customers with “Box Buster Buyout”

Egnyte's Box Buyout Program

Egnyte, the top source of Cloud as well as hybrid cloud file sharing solutions for corporate houses, recently declared the “Box Buster Buyout program”. The Box Buster Program lets users to switch to a corresponding package at Egnyte without any charge for the entire period of 2012, i.e. a free resettlement towards the better side. There are many scenarios where Egnyte outperforms Box.

If you are not concerned with who sees what files and who has access to which folders, if you are concerned with just getting the work done faster without having a secure system, you can be contented with Box as all the security features are provided by Egnyte only. (more…)

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