Archiving Your Emails in the Cloud with Dropmyemail

Backing up emails in the cloud

Securely archiving your email can save you a lot of aggravation down the road. Email archiving can solve quite a few dilemmas that could have been prevented if the information had been saved. Using can go a long way to providing security for email cloud storage. What makes superior to alternate services such as Several aspects can be seen readily available that can answer that question.

Free Storage, Not Just a Trial

With, basic users can store email for free up to 2 GB worth of space. For many of us, 2 GB is quite a bit of storage. The free basic account isn’t just a trial that expires in seven days; the only feature you will be missing is the Daily Snapshots, which commits the automatic backup on a daily basis. This free plan can be increased to the much larger versions if 2 GB isn’t enough, or if you want the Daily Snapshot ability. logo

Larger Capacities than

The largest account available from is the massive Pro 10 account giving you 10 GB of email storage for less than $20 per year. The competition charges the same amount for an account one-tenth the size. Automatic backups of Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail are taken care of without your input using TLS connection to the respective servers.

Secure Cloud Storage of Email

Secure email storageThe actual files that are being saved to the cloud server are not accessible by Using AES 256-bit military grade encryption during transit and secure socket layers, your data is protected by excellent measures. The site is regularly tested and has been verified and secured by The only safer way would be to print out each email in physical form and then delete the file.

Access Your Saved Emails As Normal

With, you are able to view your email like you normally would. Just log in to your account and select the email you wish to read. Attachments can be accessed this way as well. Download your attachments from your account just like you would when using your regular email. However, replying to stored emails is currently not supported. As is essentially data storage, the service doesn’t support the protocols to use it as a mail server.

Top 3 Online Backup Services of 2013

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Best 3 Online Backup Services

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