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The Top 3 Fastest Online Backup Services

Fast online backup services

When it comes to online backup services, you shouldn’t have to choose. The service you choose should boot, upload and download as fast as possible, it should be easily accessible, secure and of course convenient. Upload and especially download times shouldn’t stall productivity. Here’s three of the top backup services available, ready to maximize your time and process.


SugarSync logoSugarSync is regarded as the best customizable file synchronization service. With impressive multimedia functionality, it doesn’t just perform efficient online backups. It syncs your data across multiple computers and internet enabled personal devices quickly. Once your files, music or photos are backed up with SugarSync, access them on any computer or device instantly. While most online backup services force customers to place data in a single folder, SugarSync allows the user to back up to folders of your choice. No longer retrieve files and then organize them. Saved changes to your files will also be saved across your devices. (more…)

Always Have All Your Files With You

Working from a coffee shop thanks to the cloud

It is important to backup your computer files, as you never know what might happen to your computer system. Your computer can come under attack from viruses and hackers, the hard drive can fail on you, the computer can fall off of a desk or drop off a truck when you are moving it. No matter what happens to your computer or the files, if you don’t have a backup somewhere, you risk never having the files again. Of course, there are different ways to go about backing up the files, although many of these options revolve around putting the files onto an external hard drive. (more…)

Why Backups on an External Hard Drive Aren’t Sufficient

External hard drive failureIt is always important to back up all of your information, no matter what the content is, from emails to digital videos and everything else in between. If you don’t back up the files, you are asking for trouble. It leaves you susceptible to problems later on, especially if the original files are damaged or lost.

For a long time, an external drive served as the main way to back up information for an extended period of time, however this also isn’t the best way to go about properly backing up the information. This is because your hard drive can become damaged, which also leads to data loss. These drives are not immune to damage, and many of these drives can fall of a desk and break, obtain water damage, or experience other issues that can prevent the back up data from actually working. Plus, you need to constantly use the drives and transfer the files to keep the drives active in order to maintain the drive. (more…)

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