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Backup Service Comparison: ZipCloud vs JustCloud

ZipCloud reviews VS JustCloud reviews

Choosing the right cloud backup is important regardless of whether you are buying it for your business or personal use. Two of the most popular services out there are ZipCloud and JustCloud. Both of these services will help you backup your files, but they do not offer exactly the same features. Here is a comparison between ZipCloud and JustCloud. (more…)

Risks of Cross-Device Syncing and Automatic Backups

Syncing files in the cloud, cross-deviceAs the lines between the home and the office become more and more blurred, individuals and companies are seeing the benefits of having cross-device syncing and automatic backups as mainstays of the business environment. After all, cross device syncing lets a user begin work on an office desktop system, cross sync it to an offsite service, such as Mozy or Dropbox, and access it from the home computer or tablet. The entire process is simple, painless, and is virtually foolproof.

Compatibility Risks

However, there are some risks with cross-device synchronization. For one thing, it is important to ensure that the devices that are being synchronized are using a compatible file format. While this might seem obvious, many software manufacturers will create a proprietary platform, depending on the device. This means that an iPad app might have a file that is not compatible with a Mac desktop application. Therefore, before relying upon file synchronization and automatic online backups, it’s a good idea to make sure that every device works with the stored files. (more…)

Staggering Figures About Data Loss

Storing data safely in the cloud

Many computer users don’t think about backing up their personal and business files until they experience data loss due to a hard drive crash, stolen laptop or human error. A shocking 31% of computer users have lost all of their files at some point and 140,000 hard drives crash every week, according to statistics by Boston Computing.

How Do I Protect My Data From Unexpected Problems?

There are various methods of backing up your data. You can back up your documents, photos and music onto an external hard drive. External hard drives start at around $60 and require you to make regular manual backups. This is a good backup method but doesn’t keep your files up to date. If you want to have the most thorough and current backup, online backups are the best option.

Online Backups? Aren’t Those Expensive?

Online backup services work in two different ways. Some types of online backup services consist of a program that runs constantly in the background while your computer is on, backing up every file that has been changed or added. These programs start at around $60 for one year of unlimited storage. Other online backup services like SOS Online Backup and SugarSync offer 5GB of free storage space and allow you to back up your files offsite as well as sync files between computers and share files with other users who have installed the programs on their own computers. These types of backup services are very convenient for users who want to have the same files available on their own PC and laptop and for users who need to share files for work or school.

How an Online Backup Helps You Deal With Data Leakage

A stolen laptopBacking up your company data won’t prevent situations such as data leakage due to a stolen laptop, as experienced by Home Depot. Backing up your data does ensure that if data leakage occurs you still have access to your data and can change passwords or disallow users from accessing shared data, thus minimizing damage to your business.

Both Dropbox and Sugar Sync have paid plans that allow for more storage and both allow you to access your data from your mobile device as well as your PC or laptop. It’s simple to try out both programs by signing up for the 5GB of free storage space and worth it to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can recover your files if disaster strikes.

File Sharing From an Online Backup: Safe or Not?

Safe file sharingCloud storage is an increasingly viable option for individual users and businesses alike. Physical storage not only requires space for the equipment used, the purchase cost of equipment and maintenance fees are sometimes higher than one’s budget allows. Additionally, even with maintenance, there’s always the risk of a physical storage device failing, causing the loss of important personal documents and files or vital business data.

Cloud storage eliminates the risks and added costs associated with physical storage. It also offers the opportunity for streamlined file sharing between coworkers, clients, friends or family members. (more…)

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