Dropbox and ZipCloud: Two Affordable Backup Solutions for Students

Student working at her computerIn the business world, most employees have no need to worry about the cost of whatever solution that their company uses for online backups. However, not everyone who wants to use cloud storage solutions uses it for business. There are many different uses for online storage solutions like Dropbox and Zipcloud, and one of the most popular uses beyond business is for students. The idea of being able to work on papers and projects from anywhere and any computer by simply logging into the cloud is very appealing to students, but they also have a problem that the businessman does not. Most students live on an extremely limited budget, and will likely be looking for free cloud storage. (more…)

How Much Cloud Storage Space Do You Really Need?

Lots of cloud storage spaceWith the growing popularity of storing data in the cloud and cloud computing in general, a new question has arisen; How much cloud storage space do you really need? There are many ways to approach developing an answer to this seemingly simple question (though it is actually far from simple), but the first important step involves asking a very simple question.

What Type of Cloud User Am I?

Try to profile your needs in order to find out what type of cloud user you and your colleagues or family members are. There are two typical users of cloud storage space. There are personal and also business users. Business users typically have larger requirements as they are using the cloud to back up important business documents. In such cases 50 GB, 100 GB or even more might be needed. Many consumers are okay with a free account to start things off with. (more…)

3 Of the Best Online Photo Backup Solutions

Online photo backup solutionsIt is always a great disadvantage to have online issues and lose the photos you have stored in your hard drives or online sites. The cost of losing them can mean financial drain, especially if you used expensive gadgets to take pictures of them, flew in other locations to take nice shots of them and paid for talents to get them perfected. It can also mean lost opportunities especially if you took the shots for important, paying clients. It can also mean lost memories, especially if they have been taken during special occasions.

This is the reason why many people, both consumers and business entities, are looking for online photo backup solutions to make sure not a single one is lost anytime and for any reason. Having a backup online simply means you can always recover your online albums should something happen to the sites where you posted them or to the hard drives where you saved them. (more…)