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Is Unlimited Cloud Storage Space Truly Unlimited?

Unlimited cloud storage with MyPCBackupPeople are hearing about all the things related to the cloud like unlimited storage and fast upload speed for files and they are getting excited. It is true that cloud storage is definitely something to be excited about, but is it really unlimited? This the question that is being asked around the world as people look for ways to save their entire hard drives in the cloud.

Online storage sites like MyPCBackup are getting a lot of attention from PC owners. Everyone wants a secure way to save their files and this is what this site makes claims to do. There are actually a growing number of sites that are making this same claim. Lots of them are getting customers to sign up, and many of them have become the staples that PC owners depend on for all of their storage needs. (more…)

Interview with ElephantDrive’s CEO Michael Fisher

ElephantDrive CEO Michael FisherFor our series of interviews, we had the honor to interview ElephantDrive CEO Michael Fisher. Prior to becoming CEO of this online backup company, Michael worked at companies like Vivendi Universal Net and Traffic Marketplace.

In our interview, Michael explains why you should pick ElephantDrive as your backup solution because of the multi-platform support, and because of their neat puns (always a nice, added feature!). He goes on to give us an exclusive scoop, namely that in a couple of weeks ElephantDrive will be introducing a backup and collaborative sharing solution for their products. (more…)

Integrating Cloud Storage on Multiple Devices

Cloud devices cross-platform

Many of the concerns we hear from people who consider moving their data and business into the cloud, is that they don’t think it will work since they’re using multiple different devices with different operating systems. “I’m using a Mac, my smartphone is running Android and my secretary is using a Windows 7 PC. How will I manage to integrate everything?” Is a situation that may be recognizable to many, except for a different combination of devices then. Ian Leighfield from JustCloud, an online storage provider specialised in cloud computing, will take away any concerns you may have on this subject in this article. (more…)

What About Backing Up Your Smartphone?

Smartphones - iPhone, Android,...Smartphones have revolutionized the mobile phone era by introducing many other convenient features for communication, entertainment and more. Typically, users’ phone numbers and oftentimes other important data including financial information may be stored on a smartphone. Information can be stolen by way of hacking into a user’s smartphone. This reason alone makes mobile security a necessary step in safeguarding important files and information.

Why Online Phone Backups are Important

An online backup of your phone’s data is vital to the smartphone’s security, as it allows the user to make a backup of the entire contents of their data. This comes in handy if the smartphone is ever subject to the data being erased or altered by a hacker. A backup also allows a user to keep a separate copy of their data that can be copied to another device or for multiple copies of their data. Companies such as Mobyko give users the ability to perform an online phone backup of their smartphones instantly protecting the individual’s data.

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