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Data, Your Company’s Number One Asset

Customer data is worth moneyData can be used to create new products and features for your users, and to improve their overall customer experience with your company. Data is a powerful tool that can be used to create new and better services for your users, but you have to harness it right and learn to protect it. What is truly unique about data from customers is that it can be used to turn around trivial bits of information and make them into more value for their customers. Companies should perform regular data reviews and assess where the data adds value for the customers they do have. They should look at where and how new data can be used to create a meaningfully better product for their users.

So, how does one company protect their data, and ensure it doesn’t fall into customers’ hands? (more…)

Jovan Washington on Implenting Cloud Computing in Businesses

Jovan Washington from SpiderOakEvery now and then, we like to invite someone who works in the online backup industry to write a guest article here on our blog. Today we have the honor to have Jovan Washington, web communications coordinator at SpiderOak, on our blog as a guest author. He wrote a nice piece on how to implement cloud computing in your business, and what the future holds for cloud computing in general. If you’re looking into moving your company’s data to the cloud, then Jovan’s article will definitely be able to give you some good tips. (more…)

Is my Data Safe in the Cloud?

Secure offsite data backups in the cloudThough the off site data backup is the trend of the future, consumers question the security and reliability of these relatively new services. The incredible network speeds that are capable in today’s infrastructure and continuing network innovation into the future are ensuring the cloud computing is integrated in escalating aspects of our lives. Email services have already built billion dollar business models based off of digital communication in the cloud. The amount of data we are sharing with one another or simply needing to store is continuing to exponentially grow. (more…)

Advantages of Automated Secure Backups

Go for secure data backupsWhat are the advantages of automated secure backups for business? Well, it would seem like common sense, but automated, secure, and backup are the three most important words for businesses to keep in mind. If they don’t have their data getting backed up automatically in a secure format, then their data could be stolen, lost, or missing. This is because human error could forget to back it up, and automatic backup would prevent that. Secure would allow them to keep it safe so that hackers and other criminals couldn’t get to it. Backing it up would simply mean that if something happened like a fire, property damage, or vandalism, the data wouldn’t be lost.

Plenty of Choice

There is an array of third-party services that can provide automatic back-up in a secure fashion. Business data and data security are two of the high-profile B2B niches because all businesses have gone digital now, even if it’s just customer records, and there has to be an easy way to backup that data. (more…)

Egnyte Going After Box Business Customers with “Box Buster Buyout”

Egnyte's Box Buyout Program

Egnyte, the top source of Cloud as well as hybrid cloud file sharing solutions for corporate houses, recently declared the “Box Buster Buyout program”. The Box Buster Program lets users to switch to a corresponding package at Egnyte without any charge for the entire period of 2012, i.e. a free resettlement towards the better side. There are many scenarios where Egnyte outperforms Box.

If you are not concerned with who sees what files and who has access to which folders, if you are concerned with just getting the work done faster without having a secure system, you can be contented with Box as all the security features are provided by Egnyte only. (more…)

Interview with Alexander Negrash From CloudBerry Lab

CloudBerry Backup reviewsWe got in touch with CloudBerry Lab’s Alexander Negrash and got to ask him a few questions about CloudBerry’s online backup solution. The company started back in 2008, and started building its cloud storage and computing products simply out of necessity. Today CloudBerry is one of the best providers on the market if you want to have full control over your online backup process, while having access to a range of different technologies available to further handle this data. Alexander is very excited about their new virtual drive software that will allow people to use cloud storage as if it were a local disk. (more…)

Some of The Best Cloud Backup Solutions

The best cloud backup toolsWith plenty of online backup companies and similar services available on the market, it might get a bit confusing at times to choose a company to trust your precious data to. Every now and then we compose lists of what we think are some of the best cloud storage and backup solutions around on the market. This time we decided to include Live Mesh from Microsoft, as well as ZipCloud in our listing. Head through to find out which other companies we picked for our list of some of the best cloud-based backup tools: (more…)

Interview with Ian Leighfield From MyPC Backup

Ian Leighfield For our series of interviews with online backup companies, we recently had the chance to interview Ian Leighfield from MyPC Backup. Ian is head of business development for this highly popular backup service and took us through the history and mission of MyPC Backup, and continued by sharing a few interesting facts with us. He revealed that they will be releasing new plans specifically for businesses on May 15th, and talked about their plans to launch a white labe solution for resellers which is due for release the first of June. That and lots more are some of the things we discussed with Ian. (more…)

What Online Backups and Data Exchange Systems Can Mean for Your Business

Storing business dataSince the recording of business transactions is vital to a business’ life, each business must retain records for several years. Various laws govern the length of retention for different types of records.

Why Online Backups for Your Business Data?

With modern storage devices, millions of records may be maintained in a small amount of space. However, no matter what media are used, there is the possibility that the media will reach the point that it cannot be read. This disaster happens to all media whether it’s the hard drive, flash drive, or compact disc. Therefore, each business should consider the advantages of online backups. There are many online backup services from which to choose. All of them offer backup services at periodic intervals, unlimited storage, and data encryption. (more…)

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