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Happy World Backup Day!

World Backup DayYep, it may sound odd but there really is something called “World Backup Day“, and March 31st happens to be that day of the year that backup nerds like ourselves celebrate by… taking backups of our data. If you’re not taking any backups yet, then today is the perfect day for you to finally get into the routine of taking backups every now and then. An even better idea could be to pick one of the online backup services listed on our site and get your backups done automatically so you don’t have to worry about anything. There’s a bunch of companies running a cool World Backup Day deal, Backblaze is just one of them.

You can head over to the official World Backup Day website for more info and cool stuff including contests and interesting tips on backups. A fun little fact: World Backup Day was created thanks to a reddit hit from a few hardcore backup’ers wanting to raise awareness about the importance of taking backups on a regular bass.

Interview with MyOtherDrive Co-Founder John DeRegnaucourt

John Deregnaucourt from MyOtherDriveWe had the opportunity to interview John DeRegnaucourt, co-founder and president of MyOtherDrive over the weekend. He explains how the company started out, why customers should choose their backup service and what’s in store for the future. As he explains in our Q&A, MyOtherDrive initially started as a photo/file sharing company and evolved into an online backup service. Because of this history, their service is today one of the best solutions for both backing up and sharing files like pictures and videos in the cloud. Be sure to read our interview to learn more about MyOtherDrive. (more…)

Why You Should Prefer Online Backups over Offline Backup Software

Online backup process modelComputers may be expensive, but the files they store are even more valuable. People keep so much information on computers that creating backups has become a day-to-day necessity. There’s some disagreement on which type of backup is best, but if you take a close look you’ll find that online backup services are superior.

What’s the Difference?

Offline backups cannot be performed while a database is running. They are created a single time and stored. From there, they cannot be altered. You have a stable copy, but only of one moment. Online backups, on the other hand, can be performed while a database runs normally. Activity doesn’t need to stop; manual activation is not a requirement. (more…)

Q&A with Mozy’s Product Manager Ted Haeger

Logo of MozyIt’s time for a new type of articles here at Online Backup Reviews; today we’re publishing our first interview with one of the backup solution providers that are listed on our site. Mozy has the honour to be the very first company that we interviewed, the company’s product manager Ted Haeger was kind enough to let us do a Q&A with him. We talked about what makes Mozy different from other backup services, what’s in store for their new Mozy feature and the future of Mozy and cloud storage in general. (more…)

Recovery from Online Backup Storage and Cloud Recovery

Backup recoveryI’ve been using online storage and remote storage for sometime (since 2002). Online storage of backups is both a viable and safe method of maintaining important documents, files, programs, and materials. Data recovery can be an essential aspect of your daily life, or work environment. There are many methods of doing this, one of which is through Spider Oak provides private online storage and device syncing. Some of the great things about using online storage is the ability to access your files from anywhere and from many devices, including tablets, iPhones, Android phones, etc. By storing your most important files online if you suffer a fatal crash on your computer, or your computer is stolen, you still have access to those files. (more…)

Top 3 Free Quality Backup Services on the Web

Top 3 free backup servicesA smart and easy way to simplify your life online is to use a free application for all your storage needs. You will have access to the same files that are taking up all of the space on your hard disk drive, 24 hours a day. Computers do not behave sufficiently when the space on the drive is all used up. The share files will remain 100% fully functional for you through one of these high-quality backup services. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to file sharing. If you have ever lost everything on your computer due to your hard drive crashing then, you know where I am going with this! You will dramatically increase your computer’s overall performance. Who would not want that? Music takes up a lot of space. There is new technology that has been made so that it is no longer a problem. 4Shared is a service that offers free online storage for you to upload music, access and share your files. Simple to use, all you need is an email address and password. Works for both Windows and Mac. You can even use it on your mobile phone. (more…)