Why Cloud Storage is the Future

Secure cloud storage and cloud storage concernsCloud storage is quickly becoming the way to go for mass storage. This is true for individuals storing music and pictures, and it is also true for businesses storing massive amounts of data. Most people are becoming quite familiar with the cloud, thanks to many sites offering cloud storage to customers. Essentially the cloud is a vast amount of storage that is not in your computer. It is located at the company with which you choose to store your data. You can then access your data through an internet connection. (more…)

Available Online Backup Services for Mac

Data loss on Mac computerIf you are looking for ways to backup information from your Mac computer, you need to consider using online storage options. With back up hard drives you run the risk of the hard drives failing due to inactivity, which is common for back up units. On top of this, if the hard drives are dropped or are exposed to any sort of water element, you might lose your backed up files forever. This is why using an online option might just be best for you. By saving the information online, you can later access the data on any other computer and even download the content. You are never going to lose the data this way, and it ensures that you don’t need to worry, should your Mac computer ever crash. (more…)

Five Advantages of Using Online Backups

File backups advantagesBacking up files and data is not only important, it is absolutely necessary for data security. It is not a question of will one lose it, but when. For instance, files will be lost when a hard drives crashes, data becomes corrupted, is accidentally deleted, or when attacked by viruses and malware. Although, there is a possibility to recover files and data, it is better to back up the data beforehand.

Today, online backups have become a trendy and popular way to store data through cloud computing. An online backup service will provide users with a remote system for backing and storing of files and data. Arguably, the advantages for online backups and storage make it a top choice of serious computer users. Here are five benefits of online backups: (more…)

Cloud Storage Comparison: MyPC Backup vs SugarSync vs IBackup

Losing important files — documents, music, photos, and video — from your computer is a wide-awake nightmare. Whether it’s for personal or business purposes, lost files mean lost memories and lost work. Recovering files once lost is expensive and unreliable. Backing up into the cloud with a service is the most reliable method, and the services available are increasingly secure.

SugarSync, MyPC Backup, and Ibackup are several examples of services that offer that security. Part of an increasing host of file backup sites, these services offer “sync” with other computers and devices, file sharing, and custom backup settings. (more…)