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Top 5 Most Promising Online Backup Services in 2012

Top 5 cloud file storage servicesOnline backup services and cloud file storage platforms are springing up everywhere these days, with new providers doing battle for the right to backup your data. While Dropbox, Mozy, and Carbonite are the most popular services on the web, they’re hardly the only ones available. Here’s a quick peek at five of the most promising backup services for 2012 and beyond. (more…)

The Importance of Having Offsite Secure Data Backups

Offsite backup: how it worksUsing an offsite backup is a strategy storing data at a different location. Usually, the folders, files and all the contents found on the hard drive are backed up using an internet connection on a remote server.

The main idea behind offsite backups is very easy with the benefits being quite evident. By securing the data on a remote server with Backblaze or another backup service, the risk associated with data loss that may be caused by a natural disaster, technical complication, theft or any other cause is eliminated. In case it becomes difficult to access your office building, all the data can easily be recovered if a back up is in place. Online backup services are very important for every business since no one can ever be too safe with electronic data. (more…)

Online Backups Worth the Investment for a Small Business?

Computer data lossRunning a small business can be a difficult endeavor for anyone. Starting your own business takes a lot of work and dedication. You have to make sure that you have all the right permits and certificates that you need. You need to hire employees and get inventory. After all of this is complete you are finally ready to open your business. Throughout this whole process, you have been keeping track of everything you do on your computer. You have a full list of your inventory and all your expenses. You have all your tax information and other vital information that is important to your business stored on your computer. As you continue to grow your business, the amount of information stored on your computer will continue to increase. (more…)

Cloud Backup and Recovery: Secure and Share Your Information

Cloud backup service

With everything becoming digitalized and the never ending struggle to have your documents at your finger tips, several companies have come up with a file backup solution. Companies like DropBox and SpiderOak are offer incredible methods for not only sharing your file and data between your devices, but also backing it up for safe keeping against hard drive failures. They even have the ability to un-delete files that you may have deleted by accident. Both online backup companies offer free versions with a limit on how much space you can use. (more…)

Avoid Data Loss with These Tips

Data loss preventionIt can be quite surprising just how much you can squeeze out of the UPS by doing a few simple things. At the end of the day after that hard work, the extra few minutes you have managed to salvage might make all the difference. Better yet, if you know how to preserve the battery life of your laptop- by closing down programs that are not needed, disconnecting external devices when not in use, turning the brightness down, having a spare battery, running disk de-fragmentation to ensure the efficiency of your hard drive -you are moving in the right direction. (more…)