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Avoid Computer Fraud: Protect Your Data

Computer fraudSince the emergence of digital computer technology and software, businesses and individuals have had to face the dreadful possibilities of identity theft and fraud. Sometimes digital fraud can be as harmless as impostor software, which acts and looks nearly identical to official software and digital items. These impostor software titles can serve others by infecting your computer with viruses, trojans, or malware. Other times the creators of such impostor technologies have designed their software for fraudulent purposes, such as identity theft or intrusive, hidden spyware.

Why do such corrupt software and digital technologies exist? Purely and simply for either sheer evil purposes or for greed. Sometimes these corrupt technologies allow for background tasks like ad-ware to run, which in turn can be used to trick other computers over the internet to think you have visited their sites, in turn bringing in a false revenue to the ad-ware programmer. Although this form of attack is highly unlikely and is not typical, it is still a completely feasible threat. (more…)

Why Should I Invest in Online Backups?

Online backup servicesToday’s laptop and personal computer owners are using these electronic devices to store and save their personal photographs, important documents and work-related files on. In that regard, many of these computer owners have probably already invested in a personal backup device, like a flash drive, an external hard drive, or a backup CD or a backup DVD. Why, then, should they be looking to invest in the added security of online backups; are their personal backup devices not enough? (more…)

Protect Your Data With Online Backups

Secured online backupsIt doesn’t matter if you are using a home computer or a work computer, losing data can be a costly event. Losing that data will cost you time, money and possibly both. The good news is there is a way for computer users to prepare in advance. That is by subscribing to an online backup service. The online backup service will copy the files off your computer to a server somewhere other than your location at times you set up with the service you subscribe to. Some services may only allow one backup per day; others may offer several backups during the day. Choosing the type of service depends on the amount of work you do each day and how costly losing it will be for you or your company. (more…)